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Adaptive Rigging Designs

Adaptive is the world's leading designer of certified, pre-engineered professional loudspeaker rigging systems for permanent installations and live performances.

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Adaptive designs are comprised of standard off-the-shelf and made in the USA speaker rigging systems that are safe and easy to use. Adaptive uses only domestic materials and load rated components to assure safe predictable use. Many of these systems are designed to rig and aim single professional loudspeakers while other rigging designs create multiple speaker arrays in spherical, planar and line array cluster configurations.

Some standard Adaptive arraying products include the AMFS flying truss, Bumperware® and the FasPac™ planar array clustering systems, AFGS and the Gridlink® overhead spherical array grid systems. Some of the single cabinet solutions include the ever popular One-Way-Array®, Two-Way Array® and SwivelBeam® speaker rigging and aiming designs, Steerables rigging beams, spreader bars and adjustable tilt cable kits.

Adaptive designs are secured to and cluster professional loudspeakers by utilizing the speaker’s own mounting and rigging points. Such rigging or attach points include threaded fasteners, pan fittings, fly track, etc. Where such attach points are not provided, Adaptive offers a wide variety of internal brace hardware that allows the speaker to be flown in a safe, predictable and load rated environment.

Whether it be standard or custom speaker rigging systems, the result of Adaptive’s engineering effort is safe, efficient and predictable installations, delivering precise aiming of sound and faster venue commissioning.

Adaptive speaker rigging solutions are found all over the world, in stadiums, sport arenas, theaters, houses of worship, educational institutions including, high schools, colleges, universities and medical training centers, retail chains, hospitals, airports and train stations, retail and quick-serve restaurants, military applications, baseball, football, basketball fields and training centers.

There is an Adaptive application virtually everywhere professional loudspeakers are installed.