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About Us

About Adaptive

Adaptive’s manufacturing complex and design center is a major resource for AV Professionals since 1987. Here, our designers create, test and manufacture a wide variety of wall mounted, ground supported and overhead suspension systems that make audio and video installations faster, safer and longer lasting.

Adaptive holds the patents, trademarks and combined talents of three well respected brands, Allen Products, ATM Fly-Ware and Adaptive Digital Signage Solutions.

Our Products

All Adaptive designs are structurally load-rated, certified and meet strict quality standards to assure that they speed installations, improve safety, reduce “inventing time” and increase your bottom line.

Tens of thousands of Adaptive solutions are already in use around the globe, serving all venues, indoors or out, from schools to stadiums, theaters to military bases, wherever professional AV equipment is specified.

Standard off-the-shelf designs serve integrator’s immediate needs while custom solutions provide answers for consultants and their owners. Also available are commonly used and hard to find rigging components, wire rope assemblies and specialty fasteners.

About Us

We have a passion for designing and manufacturing unique AV solutions that solve installation challenges. Our on-site expert staff is comprised of administrative, engineering, sales, manufacturing, and production staff. They offer decades of experience, are well trained and work together to meet the needs of your applications.

Recently, Adaptive employees returned to the origins of rigging by learning to crew this square-rigger tall ship out in the Pacific Ocean (left). We enjoyed the lessons learned out at sea and brought back a better understanding and appreciation of how we work better and solve your installation needs.

Call Today

Call 562-424-1100 (PST) right now to speak with one of our applications specialists or contact any of our knowledgeable and strategically located distributors by visiting; info@adapttechgroup.com or http://www.adapttechgroup.com/about_us_dist.html