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Adjustable Width U-Bracket Walls & Ceiling Mount



Adjustable Loudspeaker Mounting Kits support most of the mountable loudspeakers in the 60 lbs./27 kg. range, or less and its open side arm slots allow a single installer to easily mount loudspeakers in this weight range. Loudspeakers can be rotated within the arms to acquire the desired tilt angle. Separate side holes permit the angle of the speaker to be locked permanently using lag bolts. Since there are only two sizes, inventory requirements are minimal.

Fully captive arm holes permit safe, secure mounting of loudspeakers under balconies, overhangs and from ceilings. The brackets’ base gives installers multiple options for placing speakers over irregular and unpredictable mounting surfaces because of its unique mounting slot pattern.

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Standard Features

  • Weather resistant for covered outdoor and indoor use
  • Packed in pairs
  • Two models support most loudspeakers, weighs 60 lbs/27 kg. or less
  • 16” and 24” hole centers match wall studs.
  • Open arm slots for one man installation.
  • Sound isolation gaskets block sound transmission through walls.
  • Permanent angle set capable.


Package Contents

Material: Structural Steel Alloy Includes an assortment of 1/4”, 5/16” and 3/8” bolts and hardware plus two 1/4” thick sound isolation gaskets.
Down Tilt: Up to 60 degrees
Finish: Powder Coat
Color: Black
WLL: 60 lbs/27 Kg
Design Factor: 7:1 ratio


AJ-1524 | Arms adjust from 15" to 24"

A1 A2 B C D Net Weight
15"/381 24"/609 11.1"/283 9.5"/241 8.0"/203 5.8" lbs/2.6 Kg.

E F G H I Ship Weight
3.38"/86 .50"/12.7 6.9"/175 8.5"/216 9.9"/251 12 lbs/5.5 Kg.

Optional Acessories

  • 2-1420 M6 hardware
  • 2-1430 M8 hardware
  • 2-1440 M10 hardware

Recommended Acessories

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Always install Safety Cables
Warning: Mounting and/or suspension loudspeakers requires experienced professionals. Improperly installed loudspeakers can result in property damage, personal injury and/or liability to the installing contractor.