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Adaptive Mounting Designs

Adaptive is a leading designer and supplier of universal fit standard and OEM loudspeaker mounts, mounting loudspeakers to walls, ceilings, under balconies, to poles and vertical columns.

Adaptive mounts are pre-engineered, time-saving speaker mounts that are available for almost any indoor and outdoor application. These speaker mounts are made in the USA and make installations, fast, safe and very predictable to use.

Some of the popular speaker mounts include the MultiMount® pan and tilt design, SocketMount® for tri-pod style mounting, the Adjustables™ the SwivelMount®, Steerables® and PoleStar®, an outdoor speaker mounting system.

Allen mounts come in a variety of sizes from small near field monitor mounts to mega mounts that accomadate up to 120 lb. loudspeakers. They secure to the loudspeaker’s own mounting points, including threaded fasteners, pole sockets (cups), track and pan fittings and they offer up to three axis of rotations, including pan angle, tilt angle and clockwise rotations for precise aiming of sound.

Both standard models and custom Adaptive mounts are found all over the world, in stadiums, sport arenas, theaters, houses of worship, educational institutions including, high schools, colleges, universities and medical training centers, retail chains, hospitals, airports and train stations, retail and quick-serve restaurants, military applications, baseball, football and basketball fields and training centers.

There is an Adaptive speaker mount application virtually everywhere professional loudspeakers are installed.