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Model Specific Light Duty Truss Module



The AMFS 1 X 2 modular loudspeaker rigging system is used for light-weight live-sound and touring applications where full clusters of loudspeakers can be set up and flown in just minutes. This method of connecting loudspeakers together provides the installer with a rapid assembly and disassembly process for setting up and aiming sound at any venue for performances at live shows, convention centers and touring applications.

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Standard Features

  • Joins speakers together horizontally and vertically
  • Creates adjustable planar arrays
  • Quick setup and dismantling
  • Safe load-rated components
  • Design per specific speaker model


Material: Tubular steel alloy
Finish: Textured powder coat
Color: Black
WLL: 300 lbs. (xx kg) max
Design Factor: 5:1 ratio
Pack Count: 1/carton (hardware included)
*WLL = Working Load Limit

DIMENSIONS: Dependent upon selected speaker model


Shackle Mount

The ShackleMount is the actual pick up mechanism, attached to the truss module(s) that provides a secure suspension point, as well as a tilt aiming. Most AMFS modules include a variety of front to back ShackleMount attach points that provide various down angles for vertical aiming.


Shackle Mount (Extended)

In addition to selecting from the various attach points on the truss module for down tilt aiming, this component provides more down tilt options by allowing the suspension cable to attach further away from the cluster’s center of gravity.


Connecting Bar

AMFS truss modules are joined together horizontally using two AMFS aluminum alloy connecting bars, top and bottom and front and back, when speakers are tight-packed. Just one, top to bottom, when speakers are aimed away from each other, horizontally. They come available in 5 degree increments starting at zero and continue all the way to 70 degrees and affect the horizontal relationship between loudspeaker cabinets. Connecting bars insert inside truss module tube ends and connect with quick release locking pins.


Stacking Bracket

Stacking Brackets join loudspeakers vertically allowing the installer to rig (to the loudspeaker manufacturer’s specified limit) multiple tiers of loudspeakers. The stacking bracket locks the bottom of the upper loudspeaker cabinet’s truss module with the top of the lower speakers truss module by way of quick release locking pins or standard high-grade fasteners.


Truss Module

The most common and flexible truss module style in use is the single module truss, for specific loudspeaker cabinets. It is comprised of a single load rated steel frame.

The 1 X 2 configuration is a light weight low profile suspension frame. Most truss modules take the overall shape of the top and bottom of the loudspeaker and utilize the cabinet’s load rated suspension points to secure itself to the cabinet. Typical profiles include those that resemble the shape of a Roman numeral “5” and that of an asymmetrical letter “I”.


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Always install Safety Cables
Warning: Mounting and/or suspension loudspeakers requires experienced professionals. Improperly installed loudspeakers can result in property damage, personal injury and/or liability to the installing contractor.