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Ceiling Mounted Video

Digital Menu Boards

Construct menu boards in key locations when walls are'nt available with one of Adaptives ceiling mounted digital sign solutions.

Ceiling Mounted Displays

Adaptive designers create custom ceiling supported mounting solutions for a wide variety of venues including retail, medical, food service and cinema applications. Adaptive will design your custom video installation, whether it be a static application or one that needs to swing out of the way and always per the needs of the facility and the installation crew. The final design will include all parts, components and hardware necessary to complete the installation.
For added safety, Adaptive strongly recommends that all overhead installations are inspected for integrity at least once per year.

Single Mounts

Select from a range of simple fixed position ceiling mounts for LCDs starting at 42” on up to over 100”. Preset angles of zero, 10 and 15 degrees save on cost and make installation fast and simple. Both standard designs and custom mounts are available.


Menu Boards

Arrange any number of monitors in a straight or curved horizontal configuration and for any size monitor. Adaptive offers all the components necessary to complete the installation including overhead frames, pipe, strut, wire management and brackets for wireless and media devices.


Cluster Mounts

Solve for way-finding, nightclubs and bars by clustering monitors in geometric patterns using Adaptive’s GridLink to place LCDs. Common configurations include squares, rectangles, circles and ovals using standard off-the-shelf components.


Custom Mounts

Adaptive has solved for hundreds of complex and custom solutions. Indoor, outdoor, for LCDs and LEDs and projector installations, all with the installer’s needs in mind. Let the application engineers at Adaptive know what you want to achieve and they will deliver.


Ceiling Mounted Products

Ceiling Mounting Plates

The MP Series attaches audio and video mounts to flat ceiling or structures.

View the MP Series

Beam Clamp Series

Standard, pre-engineered beam clamps anchor to a building’s beam structure and offer a safe and predictable method for suspending objects from overhead.

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