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Channel Strut Joiner Bracket-Extended



The CG-P1377-JBX2 safely joins strut channels together in order to support overhead speaker grid systems. This joiner bracket can be supported with wire rope assemblies to secure heavier loads and to ensure an extra margin of safety, especially in earthquake regions.

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Standard Features

  • Safe and load rated.
  • Joins Multiple Channel Strut Sections
  • Offers Bridge Span Rigging Points For Support


Package Contents

Material: Structural Steel 1 pc Joiner Bracket
Finish: Black Zinc 4 pcs ½-13 Hex Bolt x 3½” Long
Color: Black 4 pcs Flat Washers, ½”
Design Factor: 7:1 4 pcs ½-13 Nyloc Hex Nuts
WLL: 252 lbs / 114.5 Kg. 10 pcs Sound isolation washer
Shipping Weight: 6.75 lbs / 3.1 Kg. 1 pc Fender Washer, ½”
4 pcs Hex Nut, ½-13


Optional Acessories

  • See Threaded Rod datasheets
  • See Rigging Components datasheets

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