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LTMB24 1X4

Sub Array Rig


Unique attributes of the Bose MB24 low frequency sub woofer require specific interdependent physical relationships when arraying these cabinets together. ATM Fly-Ware’s LTMB24 overhead truss system is an efficient light-weight suspension frame that places these cabinets into their acoustically correct horizontal position and allows them to be aimed and suspended as one structure, four-wide, quickly and easily.


In addition to being secured into the MB24 threaded fittings, the LTMB24 overhead truss system comes with threaded compression rods that secure it to a second frame. Additional frames and compression rods allow for more tiers, vertically, up to four cabinets deep, forming a sixteen piece sub array. Each frame is equipped with load rated rigging points and accommodations for multiple tiered compression rods.


To add additional tiers, order the LTMB24-ROD-KT, three kits per tier, maximum of four tiers.

LTMB24 1x4 Sub Array Rig